Info Panel


  • This is a tree-view / list-view combination.

  • Click on a tree-view item to see the details in the list-view. Same details are shown when a tree-view item is expanded (click on a or double-click on a tree-node).

  • 1st item: Microscope Manufacturer/Name

    •  Shows the most important characteristics of the current microscope.
  • 2nd item: Theoretical/Current Resolution
    • Shows Theoretical (calculated for Scherzer defocus) point-to-point and info-limit resolution.
    • Shows Current (calculated for the current defocus) point-to-point and info-limit resolution. This one is dynamically updated when a user changes defocus.
  • 3rd Item: Defocus
    • Shows calculated values for:
      • Scherzer,
      • Extended Scherzer, and
      • 2nd Pass-band defoci

Tip: Right-click on the info panel to get an access to Quick Setup and Select Microscope dialogs.