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Tempe, AZ
Albuquerque, TX
Smoky Mountains
Raleigh, NC
Topsail Beach, NC
Tuscaloosa, AL
Mineral Wells, TX

Our trip across (almost) America
25 June - 4 July, 1997

 The car: 
Plymouth Breeze '97
The crew: 
Anna, Alla, Max 

Clickable map of the trip

 2400 miles (~ 4000 km)wpe1.jpg (1390 bytes) 
Going there Going from there
depart Tempe9:3006.25.97 depart Raleigh5:5007.02.97
arrive Albuquerque14:30. arrive Atlanta12:00.
arrive Amarillo20:30. arrive Tuscaloosa15:40.
depart Amarillo5:3006.26.97 depart Tuscaloosa5:3007.03.97
arrive Oklahoma City9:30. arrive Jackson8:30.
arrive Little Rock14:00. arrive Shreveport12:00.
arrive Nashville22:30. arrive Dallas14:30.
arrive Lebanon23:30. arrive Mineral Wells16:30.
depart Lebanon7:0006.27.97 dprt Mineral Wells6:0007.04.97
arrive Raleigh16:00. arrive Odessa10:00.
... arrive El Paso15:00.
... arrive Tucson19:45.
... arrive Tempe21:00.
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